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Fire Element (अग्नि तत्व) of Vastu Shastra

Fire  Element (अग्नि तत्व)- Vastu Shastra

Fire, together with Water, Earth, Wind and space is one of the five known basic Elements of Vastu Shastra, which represent the substance of the world.

 Fire in its physical appearance can do for you what the sun itself does for the whole world - it provides you with light and warmth and can serve you as heat source to cook upon. Fire is also an impulsive and a dangerous element, that can smoulder and suddenly burst.

 Fire can give wings of courage, compassion and devotion.
 It is seen as the force burning inside us, giving us an iron willpower to go for our goals, bestowing upon us the passion to do it with all of ourself, resulting in the honour and freedom to do it without backstabbing and with an open face.
Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke.

The Buddha defined the Fire element as “that by which one is warmed, ages, and is consumed, and that by which what is eaten … gets completely digested.” In other words the Fire element within is metabolism. It’s our energy.

Sources of  fire element in Vastu Shastra:-

Stove, Oven  or Gas
Pantry in case of small office
Transformer, D G set, Furnaces, Boilers, Chimney, Electrical- control Panels set etc. in case of Industries
Red Candle
Coral Stone –Triangular
Jasper Pyramid- Triangular
A  painting  or any art representing fire
A new alternate:- Agni Kund (Fire Bowl)

Agni Kund (FIre Bowl)

There are simple ways to  use the fire element of Vastu Shastra  theory to create balance, harmony and prosperity in your surrounding.


1.   A fire feature should not be placed in the southwest or northeast quadrant of a property, building or room. A kitchen or fireplace, for example, in the southwest brings conflicts and arguments. A kitchen or fireplace in the northeast will cause whatever money you make to ‘burn up’ and go away. It also brings health problems, conflicts and arguments.

2.    The fire element at incorrect locations can trigger accidents, miscarriages and other undesirable events. When used correctly though, the fire element can bring money and fame and help with relationships. It takes a great deal of vastu study to determine where best to apply the fire element.

3.   If stove and toilet wall is back to back on same wall, this is not a good vastu which causes poor health to the family members. The bath room represents removal of waste, and the kitchen represents wealth and prosperity. A virtual partition by installing a copper pyramid divider is a simple remedy available to cure such vastu defect.

4.   In designing your kitchen it is extremely beneficial to place  two key factors. Firstly, the layout must not create any conflicts between the three key elements (fridge, sink and stove) and secondly, the colours and materials you choose should in some way benefit the owner of the house.

5.   A stove between the fridge and sink indicates the situation “Fire between the water”.

6.   Do not place the gas/stove under the beam; otherwise, you will suffer from a poor health.

7.   Do not keep  Chipped Plates and damaged equipments in the kitchen. It will accumulate the bad energy.


8.   Transformer , electrical panels, boilers etc. at south east  makes a warm  south east corner. According to the  research, warm agneya corner(South- east) assures tremendous growth for the industries. There are so many example of successful industries having a strong presence of  the fire element at south east corner.

9.   Chilling plant, cold storage, AC units  etc. at south east weakens the fire element. This may result in to  poor growth  of the company.

10. Loyal, energetic  & hardworking staff or workers are the indication of   canteen or kitchen at South east  zone of the premises.

11. Do not place any septic or water tank close to the fire element. This may  cause a serious set back to the industries.

12. Fire gadgets at the south west may cause a accident in the unit. A virtual shifting by placing a copper shift arrow may reduce the impact of negative placement.

13. Fire equipments at the north east zone  could bring a stressful situation for the management. A vastu relocation or corrections are must for the such placement.

In Vastu, solution lies in locating the Vastu faults and correcting them  to create a harmonious and positive energy field.

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Yesha said...

how does one balance the fire element.. my bedroom is in south east corner and there is no way i can change that.. which means am sleeping on too much fire.. what should i be doing to bring harmony?

Vastuplus said...


You need to introduce some pista green shade in this room. Introduce some green crystal pyramid at south east corner to reduce the intensity of fire.

praveena puppy said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

Vasthu For Home

Vastuplus said...

Thanks Praveena

Divine Lover said...

Home facing perfect East. I have the car garage in the Southeast corner of home. The Government has installed Fire Hydrant in the Southeast corner of my plot. My kitchen is Northwest but there is vacant place after kitchen, called Dining place/room. There is a public rain water path going from South to North on my backyard. Further there is a partial dry well, on the west side. How can I improve fire element in home? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Vastuplus said...

Few suggestions to improve the fire element & correct vastu defect :-
1. Put salt lamp at south-east corner of your home
2. Use painting of red candle in south east corner
3. Place vsatu strip in your location to cut off the fire hydrant energy at south east

sree said...

Hi please clarify my doubt the transformer of our appatment is located at the south west corner very near to our bedroom, whether it create any impact ,
If yes, what is the solution or remedie for this please tell me

Vastuplus said...

Yes, its a vastu defect. Use natural quartz crystals with lead pyramids for the protection.

Atin said...

Hi, we have a boiler in the utility room of our house exactly in the north direction (on north wall). The boiler has a small fire lit throughout the day 24 hours. Is this a vastu dosh? If yes, is it a minor or major vastu dosh? Also is there any remedy?

Vastuplus said...

Yes it is a vastu defect, fire in the north will impact on finances. Get it shifted to south east corner or put a vastu fire lamp in south east corner as a correction. Also place brass vastu pyramid around the boiler at north

Unknown said...

We have a transformer situated outside our bedroom which falls in north corner of the house.please suggest proper remedy for this defect?

Vastuplus said...

Use 9 or multiple Vastu Brass pyramid partitions to cut off the negative flow.